Loose Monk gets stretched type

Designed by Fraser Muggeridge studio, the cover of a new book of poems by the artist Fabian Peake makes an abstract collage out of the book's jazzy two-word title, Loose Monk...

Stretching the words from the top of the cover to the bottom, the green and red type takes on a pattern of its own; the curves of the double O and the S at the top and the legs of the M, N and K at the bottom providing some symmetry, too.

According to publishers Ridinghouse, "Using repetition or varying spatial gaps and pauses to convey emotion, atmosphere and a sense of time, the poems of painter and poet Fabian Peake are surprising and disquieting.

"Peake draws on nature, memory and everyday life to create works that, although concrete in look, are distinct from the hard abstraction of concrete poetry. Comprising 41 works in verse, shape poems and abstract pieces written over a 20-year period, the volume's design is sensitive to the unique visual look of each poem."

Loose Monk is published by Ridinghouse (£15.95). More details on their site, here. More of Fraser Muggeridge Studio's work at