Microbes made visible for Micropia Museum

For some people, the idea that our bodies are covered in trillions of tiny microbes isn't necessarily a pleasant one. Hoping to make the invisible visible and shed light on the useful nature of these micro-organisms, a film film for the new Micropia museum in Amsterdam gives the little fellas a new, cuddly image...

Micropia is situated next to Artis Royal Zoo in Amsterdam and is the world's first museum of micro-organisms. The film, which is directed by Bianca Pilet, aims to convey that "there's more to microbes than just viruses and fungi."

Creative studio Part of a Bigger Plan worked in collaboration with agency Dawn on the film, Meet Your Microbes. The protagonist is shown covered in microbes (it's actually a hand-made suit featuring hundreds of pom-poms) and interacting with them – even exchanging them – in daily life.

Concept/creation: David Snellenberg (Dawn), Christian Borstlap (Part of a Bigger Plan). Production: Christel Hofstee (Part of a Bigger Plan). Music: Firewalker by Jungle Fire