Lovely set of product demo ads for Sony Xperia Z3 phone

Adam&EveDDB has created a captivating new ad campaign for the Sony Xperia Z3 phone, which shows off the product's video capabilities in an extremely stylish way...

The campaign is led by Gliding Lights, an atmospheric spot that opens in what appears to be a dark forest, lit only by intermittent florescent lights. Is it aliens? No, but it's almost as good – as the ad unfolds, people emerge out of the darkness, snowboarding through the landscape dressed in illuminated outfits. It turns out they are being filmed by a man on his mobile phone, which has a video camera that can handle such low lighting.

The film is one of a series, all set to a soundtrack of Night Call by London Grammar, that show off the phone's filmic possibilities. We are used to excellent product demo films by tech brands now, but these feel fresh and interesting, and with their emphasis on colour link back to Sony's excellent ads of old but without feeling repetitive. Sadly though, all the atmosphere is trashed at the end by a clunky product shot and voiceover, which smacks of someone losing their nerve along the way. But still, up until that moment, it's lovely stuff. Shown below is a longer film, bringing all the ads in the series together:

Agency: Adam&EveDDB
ECDs: Ben Tollett, Emer Stamp, Ben Priest
Creative directors: Aidan McClure, Laurent Simon
Director: Peter Thwaites
Production company: The Corner Shop/Outsider