Knit creates talking window for Hiut Denim Co

Creative technology agency Knit have 'hacked' a shop window for the Hiut Denim Co using conductive ink to tell stories about the brand and its products

The installation is at Rivet and Hide, a rare denim retailer in London's Fitzrovia. It uses Bare Conductive Paint to allow passers-by to hear the story of Hiut (the brand founded in Cardigan by David and Claire Hieatt) and details about its jeans as they touch icons on the outside of the window. Knit claims that this is the first time that conductive ink has been used through glass and as part of an in-store retail installation.

A random audio sample using transducer speakers on the window is triggered as people walk past the shop, encouraging them to interact with messages such as "Our town is making jeans again. Touch the window to find out more."

The icons are painted onto the inside of the window using the conductive ink, with wires linking to the relevant parts of a pair of jeans. The jeans are fitted with "various Arduino microcontroller units to control the audio samples and triggers," Knit say. The conductive ink is able to detect someone touching the window icon, which in turn triggers the circuit to play the relevant audio sample.