If you love Toronto, these prints are perfect for you

Tomorrow evening in Toronto, creative consultancy Sovereign State is launching its new print series State Goods with an event at the Gladstone Hotel. Here's a sneaky peek of some of the lovely artworks that will be on show...

The State Goods print series features work by artists, designers and other regular collaborators with Sovereign State. These include illustrator Nimit Malavia, motion graphics designer and film director Jullian Ablaza, art director and designer Ibraheem Youssef and creative director Joel Gregorio.

The artworks all feature references to iconic Toronto landmarks, including the CN tower, and local stores Honest Ed's and Sam the Record Man. As someone who has sadly never visited the city, much of this is lost on me, yet the illustrations are appealing nonetheless. Here are some examples from the series:

by Joel Gregorio

by Marta Ryczko and Rachelle Letain

by Tessar Lo

by Julian Ablaza

by Ibraheem Youssef

by Nimit Malavia

For more info on Sovereign State and how to purchase a print, visit