The Hans Brinker Budget Hotel just wants to be liked

The Hans Brinker Budget Hotel in Amsterdam is looking for more Facebook likes, and is going about getting them in a typically deadpan fashion...

The hotel has built a reputation for blunt reality in its advertising, which is created by KesselsKramer. Previous campaigns have featured lines such as 'Now a door in every room!' and 'Sorry for being wonderful at not welcoming you', as well as before and after shots of guests, which show them looking suitably haggard on their departure. It is not accommodation for those looking for luxury is the general message.

This new work is in a similar vein, with a series of cheerful posters designed by Anthony Burrill accompanied by three short films which show hotel staff doing nothing whatsoever to earn your likes. Tee hee.

Agency: KesselsKramer
Creatives: Erik Kessels, Bart Eysink Smeets, Rens de Jong
Director: Thalia de Jong
Producer: Amy van der Veer, Cake Film
Poster design: Anthony Burrill