Save the Bees!

London beekeepers Barnes & Webb launch their Save the Bees campaign this weekend, with an exhibition of unique bee-themed art created by well-known artists and illustrators.

Recent years have seen a dramatic fall in the Honey Bee population worldwide, in part due to pesticides and reduction in biodiversity. Honey Bees pollinate a vast amount of our food, therefore if the population continues to decline at such a rate, we could be faced with severe agricultural and environmental problems.

Barnes & Webb are developing a series of cultural and educational initiatives to raise awareness of these issues, and as part of the fundraising activity they will be establishing and maintaining bee hives in local communities, providing a free local food source whilst encouraging residents to take part (with the help of a team of retired beekeepers). They will also be campaigning nationally and internationally to change government policies on pesticides, and to encourage biodiversity through improved land management.

Artists involved in the launch exhibition include Jessica Albarn, Sanna Annukka, Luke Best, Jody Barton, Kyle Bean, Rose Blake, Tom Ashton-Booth, Anthony Burrill, Miles Donovan, Stanley Donwood, Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao, Stevie Gee, Robert F Hunter, Hvass & Hannibal, Adrian Johnson, Jean Jullien, Angie Lewin, Katharine McEwen, Chrissie MacDonald, Essy May, Clare Melinsky, Rop Van Mierlo, Edward Carvalho Monaghan, Al Murphy, Pâté, Jitesh Patel, Katie Scott, Matt Sewell, Amy Shelton, Charlie Whinney, Kristjana S Williams & Spencer Wilson.

Work was auctioned off last night to raise money for the campaign, and will be on show at Forge & Co Gallery in London until this Sunday 21st September.

Anthony Burrill

Jean Julilen

Sam Droege (and lead image)

Robert Hunter


Jody Barton

Adrian Johnson

Sanna Annukka

Essy May


Stevie Gee