CR Annual Agency of the Year: Map Project Office

In last year’s Annual, we did away with awarding an Ad Agency of the Year and Design Studio of the Year separately in favour of just a single Creative Agency of the Year. Our thinking was that, increasingly, great creativity defies such boundaries and that we ought to be recognising the company who we felt had made outstanding use of creativity in the service of its clients, whatever fields they worked in. We’ve maintained that position this year, where our winners work across product design, packaging and UX/UI, often collaborating with other creative businesses including ad agencies and tech start-ups.

Map Project Office were involved in two of our Best in Book winners this year –the ‘throwable’ computer, Hackaball, and SAM Labs’ ‘internet of things’ toolkits (shown above). Both are incredibly innovative, exciting applications of technology in the best of causes.

Hackaball for iPad
Hackaball for iPad

But it’s not just Map’s Best in Book projects that make them such worthy winners of our Creative Agency of the Year. It’s also about the way they work.

The age of the all-knowing Design Guru, who would dispense solutions to his (it usually was ‘his’) clients’ problems from on high is passed. Today’s truly successful creative businesses work with their clients not just for them. Map’s process is one of co-creation: clients are even invited to spend time in the studio working alongside the team. “Informed creativity is about engaging all stakeholders in the design process and making it transparent for them,” Map’s design director Jon Marshall has said. “In doing so, we produce better designs that are more relevant for our clients and therefore better for business.” We agree.

SAM Labs’ ‘internet of things’ toolkit, created with Map Project Office

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